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Update on Molly #16036

Golden Retriever Planet http://www.grinrescue.org/about-grin/general-info/60-newsflash-temporary-cat/1161-update-molly.html

Molly1Molly came into GRIN a couple of weeks ago in need of significant medical care. She has been diagnosed with ectopic ureter; a congenital malformation since birth which causes the ureter(s) to open in abnormal locations causing incontinence or leaking.

We are happy to report Molly received the surgery she so desperately needed this week at OSU. Although this will be a long road we are happy to report she is recovering nicely in the loving care of her foster family.

Those of you who remember GRIN dog Missy (Princess Missy) thisMolly2 is the same condition she had upon coming into GRIN’s care. As fate would have it, Molly and Missy were both in the waiting room at OSU at the same time this week and were able to meet!

GRIN continues to welcome dogs into our care that in many cases require extensive medical care such as Molly. GRIN is a charitable organization and operates solely on donations, membership dues and fundraising efforts. Please click on the Paypal link in top left corner of our website  if you are interested in donating to offset Molly’s medical expenses. We remain grateful to our loyal membership, volunteers and supporters who make all of this possible.

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