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CATS 101 – Himalayan [ENG]

Golden Retriever Planet http://youtu.be/_nsJ_otfKtQ

CATS 101 - Himalayan [ENG]

These cats are sweet-tempered, intelligent and generally very social and good companions. Because of their heritage from the Siamese cats they tend to be more active than Persians.

Himmies, as fanciers call them, are good indoor companion animals. They are gentle, calm, and sweet-tempered, but they possess a playful side as well. Like the Siamese, Himalayans love to play fetch, and a scrap of crumpled paper or a kitty toy will entertain them for hours. Himalayans are devoted and dependent upon their humans for companionship and protection. They crave affection and love to be petted and groomed.

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