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A New "Leash" on Life – Buckeye Bound, Phase #3

Golden Retriever Planet http://www.grinrescue.org/about-grin/general-info/60-newsflash-temporary-cat/1167-a-new-leash-on-life-buckeye-bound-phase-3.html

dog-leashHear Ye, Hear Ye….GRIN Rescue Welcomes Buckeye Bound Phase 3

We are participating in another ‘Love Has No Boundaries” journey where we will be welcoming six homeless Goldens from Turkey in May. The Goldens are packing their bags right now getting ready for their new life in America. A life where they will no longer live on the streets without food or a family of their own to love and care for them.   

Do you want to be part of this exciting journey to freedom?  Do you want a chance to name them?  The Turkey Dogs are counting on your sponsorship support to help offset each of their $1,800 airfare. All sponsorships will be acknowledged on our website and by a note card so they make a unique gift to give and great gift to receive.

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